About us

Company MEDIELEKTRO operates in the field of dental industry in the form of servicing and equipping dental practices and orthodontic laboratories. It was first established in 1985 in the form of independent craft and trade shop as a first private service in Belgrade. During many years of work it has collaborated with a large number of health care institutions, health centers, private practices and orthodontic laboratories in Belgrade and Serbia. Since 2010, the company has been operating successfully also in the territory of Italy.

Due to expansion of the activity, that is, the beginning of foreign trade activity in 2002, the craft shop was re-registered in the company MEDIELEKTRO d.o.o.

Quality of our services, besides  great experience of employees, installation of original spare parts, possession of servicing documentation and tools for all world famous brands, is proven by the fact that even today after more than 30 years of its establishment, it cooperates with almost all clients from the beginning of work.

Long work experience

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Top quality service

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